Stumble and Fall

I was hiking this morning on a beautiful mountain ridge, and the trail was very dry and gravely. As we made our way up the parched trail, I slid a few feet and scraped my shin a bit. Thankfully, I found my footing again and was able to make it to the top. 

My leg was stinging a bit, not enough to warrant more than a quick peek and a sigh. I could feel how easily my pride made a brief appearance, as I brushed myself off and quickly reassured my friend that I was fine and needed no assistance. 

It was amazing to see how quickly those hard-headed character traits step forward involuntarily, and how relieved I was to feel sturdy enough to keep on hiking. 

There is no shame in stumbling now and then along the path of life. We fall, and find our balance, again and again.

 View from the top of the trail