Healing from Loss One Meal at a Time

Grief is a curious, often mercurial experience. The the death of a loved one tears us open, leaving raw ragged edges of grief. And path of healing is startlingly universal and simultaneously idiosyncratic for each person. Rituals can offer a trustworthy “container” (to use a therapeutic word) to frame and hold the experience.

For some people, spiritual or religious rituals provide enormous comfort. For others, something else is needed, particularly for young people whose unique experiences of grief are often overlooked or underserved by traditional religious, pastoral care or therapeutic caregivers.

My friends at the Dinner Party have created a growing community of support centered around the universal ritual of breaking bread together.IMG_7750

I had the privilege of meeting with a group of Dinner Party hosts last fall to share some of the resources and tools we use at the Center for Courage and Renewal. Seeds were planted there that are already beginning to sprout into new possibilities together.

Take grief by the hand, offer it a seat at the table, and listen to its story.