Holding Ourselves Accountable

I need to comment on one of my recent blog postings about the spark in the fog. I went back and reread what I had written, and my words held a mirror up for me so I could encounter my own shadow. 

In truth, human barriers have a lot to do with holiness. Learning to respond to those human imperfections with compassion, rather than matching them with my own judgmental defensiveness. Trusting that there is divine presence even in the most sharp-edged, prickly, or unpolished qualities. Accepting the responsibility of working on our own middot (soul-attributes).

There is virtually nothing that any one human being is capable of doing or feeling that I, under the same or similar circumstances, am not also capable of doing or feeling. The necessary healing work involves balancing contempt with compassion, disdain with humility, loathing with love.

How do you find balance?  

What healing work is right there in front of you now?