Keep Showing Up

Modah Ani Lifanecha is a morning prayer of mutual accountability. I thank the Source of Breath and Life for another day, and in turn, I continue the work of healing and repairing the world.

I do my very best not to waste any time worrying about what I should do first.  When I feel the pull of despair or fatigue, I remember those who came before me and those who will come after me; then I reach for the hand of those who are beside me and we keep walking. Keep speaking the truth. Keep showing up.

When the call comes, I ask myself, what will I do to show up?

IMG_7091Yesterday we brought a meal to someone who’d just had major surgery.

Today I am leading a retreat for my Board of Directors.

When my clients are walking through their pain, I bear witness to their suffering with the fullness of my own humanity and humility, bringing all of my skills, resources and compassion to support them.

I write letters, sign petitions, join boycotts and march in the streets.  I march too for those who are unable to march.

I am waiting for the call from a friend whose parent is in hospice, and when it is time, I will be there with food, prayers, comfort.

And I know there have been and will be times when it is my turn to receive this kind of love, generosity and support–when I am ill, or bereaved, or when my own heart is weary.

This is my non-negotiable covenant.