Share the Shmaltz

After a week of feeling moderately grumpy for no particular reason, today I am reveling in bliss. I could retrace my steps to figure out how I got here, but that would be a shallow illusion that I alone can craft the formula for happiness.  I am immensely grateful for all the things I CAN do in the service of healing and joy, and also for the presence of Mystery that lifts my spirit. 

By the way, in the midst of my grumpiness, I even googled "what to do when you're grumpy," and 99% of the listings said music is the key to shifting your mood. I did put on some "get happy" music, accompanied by some "get happy" dancing in the privacy of my own living room. It really helped–shmaltzy but true.

What personal strategies and tricks do you use to lift your spirits when you're feeling cranky or down? 

Fun fashion helps too…