The Body as a Window

I recently began a year-long training in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, a somatic approach to therapy that integrates mindfulness and body-centered resources to support mind, body and spirit. It’s wonderful to be learning again, as I have been out of graduate school for many years. I remember being a social work student and learning about the bio-psycho-social model of working with people, as well as the Gestalt therapy class that taught me about the power of present moment awareness

A similar principle was discussed in spiritual direction training; it was called immediacy. The common thread woven through all of this: the capacity to sense, feel and study our own bodies as windows into deeper insight and powerful tools for change.

As a healing tool, mindfulness truly honors the client’s capacity for self awareness, insight and change. There is such a difference between fixing and healing; fixing seems more like a top down approach, whereas healing is more of a collaborative partnership.

A window is not only a viewing portal; it’s also an opening for fresh air, the scent of autumn, and for listening to what is happening around us and with

When you look into the window of your own body, what do you notice?