The Razor’s Edge of Love

The recent premature death of actor/writer David Rakoff has left me thinking about the lifelong dance along the razor’s edge of love and inconsolable sorrow. I watched his video, “The Invisible Made Visible,” and found myself flinching involuntarily when the audience laughed at moments of utter heartbreak.

This particular threshold of vulnerability is perhaps inevitable in simply being alive, evoking both abject terror and breakthrough euphoria.

What is at the heart of your dance on the razor’s edge of love and heartbreak?

An Unexpected Path to Spirit

We look with uncertainty

Beyond the old choices for

Clear-cut answers

To a softer, more permeable aliveness

Which is every moment

At the brink of death;

For something new is being born in us

If we but let it.

We stand at a new doorway,

Awaiting that which comes…

Daring to be human creatures.

Vulnerable to the beauty of existence

Learning to love.

— Anne Hillman