Psalm for the Bobcat

Elul Day 10

This morning while I was out walking, I spotted a bobcat in the meadow at the foot of Montara Mountain. It was sitting very still, looking extremely focused and determined toward whatever it was contemplating (a potential meal, or playmate) in the bushes. 

IMG00236 I stood in the path for awhile, admiring the bobcat's single-minded patience and persistence. Its gaze was precise and unwavering, neither distracted nor deterred by anyone or anything else nearby.

Although I wasn't able to hang around to see what happened next, I did notice that the cottontail rabbits and deer I'd seen at the entrance of the park had made themselves scarce.

Today is the 10th day of Elul–less than three weeks until Rosh Hashanah and the arrival of the year 5770 in the Jewish calendar. Is there some midrash (commentary, storytelling) about bobcats and Elul? What do bobcats have to say about cheshbon ha'nefesh, the accounting of the soul? 

Psalm for the Bobcat

You are my light and my help

Whom shall I fear?

You are the Wellspring of Strength

With whom does my terror lie?

When those who seek to harm me come closer

they will retreat into the healing Light.

Even if every species that hunts me

were to track me down and corner me

My heart will not fear.

There is comfort in the sturdiness of the trees, 

and the trustworthy ground beneath me.

One thing I ask from the Source of All,

One thing that makes me purr with contentment:

to dwell in the den of love 

for all of my lives

to see and smell and taste and know the delight of You.

On a treacherous day,

You provide me with shelter in the wilderness,

Lift me up beyond the reach of my pursuers,

my majestic whiskers and distinctive ears held high

away from all fear and danger.

I strut proudly; I have all I need.

Listen, Divine Protector, 

to my piercing sounds as I hiss and cry out.

Grace me with your knowing response,

and I will follow your scent always.

Do not conceal your presence from me,

allow me to nest in your unwavering refuge, 

to settle myself into the safety of All that You Are.

Though my parents may no longer walk with me, 

You know me and guide me along the path. 

Teach me to be wise and loving and fierce.

Show me my friends and my enemies;

love me as only You know how. 

I seek You in every moment,

with courage and love, 

waiting with patience and precision

for You, only You.