Bumper Cars and Spiritual Practice

Elul Day 5

When I was a kid, we used to go to an Amish amusement park (sounds like an oxymoron, I know) for an occasional family outing. My favorite ride there was what I called the bumper cars. These were not the usual bumper cars that smash into each other. As I recall, these were golf cart size cars that people of all ages could drive along a track, and not worry about crashing because the cars had these big padded bumpers sticking out on the sides. 

I sat in the driver seat, well-polished mary janes dangling down but never reaching the floor, barely touching the pedals, steering the car along the track and feeling very grown up about it all. I had the exhilarating feeling of driving, as well as the security of knowing the padded bumpers were there to keep me on track. 

What are the padded bumpers in my life today? What supports me along the track? 
Where and when do I delight in the thrill of the ride? 
Where and when do I feel guided and protected?