Even the Plane Was Tired

In the news this week, an averted plane crash; the purported cause: "pre-existing fatigue cracking in the plane." I was both relieved and saddened when I heard this; relieved because the plane was landed safely and everyone on board survived, and saddened because the first thing I thought of was how many humans I know who would describe themselves as cracking from fatigue. 

What would rejuvenate and replenish you right now? 

"Fill me up fill me up

I'm a long way from home
And I don't have a lot to say
Fill me up fill me up
Cause you're all that I've got
And I traveled a long long way.

cheer me up cheer me up
cause I'm all alone
and I'm taking it day by day"

–lyrics from "Fill Me Up" by Shawn Colvin