Today is my grandmother's yahrzeit (anniversary of her death). She used to sing to me all the time when I was little. This morning I was singing in the car as I was driving to work, trying to harmonize with the mellifluous voice on the CD. And I began thinking about harmony in general.

One definition: "A pleasing combination of elements in a whole."

I love that. 

I found some other definitions that focus on sameness, but much prefer this one because it focuses on wholeness, complementarity and pleasure. 

Singing in harmony means that you have to be aware of, but not distracted by, the other vocals; you have to hold your own and complement, not dominate, the other. 

The metaphorical implications are enough to make my heart sing with effortless harmony.

How are the various aspects of your life in harmony with one another?  Where you are off key and could use some fine tuning? If you had a theme song for this moment in your life, what would be the title?