How did we get here & how will we get through it?

Couples of all kinds find themselves in thorny situations at some point during the course of their relationship. These can include communication breakdowns, misunderstandings, or disappointments. Some examples might be:

  • Interfaith or interracial couples dealing with cultural, religious or family differences
  • A couple coping with infertility or pregnancy loss 
  • Milestones such as death of loved ones, job loss, menopause or "empty nest" (when children grow up and leave home)
  • When one partner is exploring gender identity, how does it impact both of them? 
  • "Should we get married?"  
I have worked with couples one-on-one and in groups for many years, and my interactive approach to couples therapy supports both partners to improve communication, make healthier choices that benefit everyone, revitalize passion and create a more satisfying relationship. 

photo by JLR