Who’s Got Your Back?

I've been thinking about the ways that beloveds support each other, and it made me nostalgic for the term "going steady."  Steady as in steadfast, grounded, present, and loyal.

If you're going steady, then if you're feeling shaky, she steadies you and vice versa. When you're at the top of the high dive, he's the one cheering you on from down below. If she's pretending to be a gymnast and the curb is a balance beam, then you're the one who's spotting her. If you're going steady, then maybe you have a special song that you feel was written just for the two of you. 

Or, to quote one of my favorite children's books:

I like you because

If we go away together

And if we are in Grand Central Station

And if I get lost

Then you are the one that is yelling for me

–from I Like You by Sandol Stoddard Warburg

Maybe the term "going steady" doesn't just refer to lovers anymore; maybe it could also include your best friend, or your dog, or your favorite neighbor. Maybe steady could be akin to expressions like "home girl" or "lantzman." 

Who's spotting you when you are gingerly walking the tightrope of life? Who would holler for you if you were lost in Grand Central Station?  Who's got your back?