Is Thirsty Different from Hungry?

Elul Day 25, continued

This morning I was writing about thirst, not only the physical aspect of thirst but the spiritual aspect as well. As I reflected on this throughout the day, my thoughts turned the corner from thirst to hunger. 

What are you truly hungry for? Is thirst different from hunger? Is the feeling of quenching one's thirst similar to satiety, or is it different? 

I just love the word satiety; it is related to but more significant than mere satisfaction. Satiety means the quality or state of being fed or gratified to or beyond capacity, whereas quenchableness (yes, it is a real word) is to allay or extinguish something. This distinction seems important, particularly when we are talking about our emotional and spiritual desires. 

What does your heart thirst for? Can the heart be gratified to or beyond capacity, or are we talking about subduing or overcoming our heart's desire? And how does your soul or your heart let you know what it's hungry for, what it thirsts for? How do you hear or perceive these longings–what are the cues?  Sometimes they get buried underneath the busyness of everyday life, or misinterpreted as a hunger or thirst for something else. 

I wonder what a photo of satiety would look like, or a picture of a thirsty soul'?

Everybody's got a hungry heart

Everybody needs a place to rest

Everybody wants to have a home

Don't make no difference what nobody says

–Bruce Springsteen