Stepping Out on Faith

I couldn't possibly have made this one up:

I was out walking this morning and decided to attempt my usual curb walk, reminiscent of childhood gym class memories (bad ones) on the balance beam during gymnastics season.


I started out in typical wobbly fashion, arms outstretched in an effort to steady myself. Then without any forethought, almost involuntarily, I heard myself repeating the word "head." This primitive, unexpected intervention immediately took the focus away from my feet (i.e. placing them in the proper fashion to keep moving forward and keep from falling). 

OMG–suddenly I am standing a little taller, definitely sturdier, feet moving effortlessly without worry or hesitation, sternum and clavicles up and leading the way. It reminded me of the first time I rode a bicycle without training wheels: tentative, exhilarating, thrilling.

Except now I am a slightly skeptical adult–so I close my eyes and do it again. "Head…head…head.." and then "heart…heart…heart." 

It really works. 

Resisting the urge to milk this for all of its transparent metaphorical riches, instead I will simply allow the story to speak for itself, trusting that it will work its magic on a much deeper level. 

Lead with your heart and the feet will follow.