More than full, it’s overflowing

Sunday night's Yom Kippur service opened with a meditative chant, Kosi R'vaya, which means "my cup is overflowing." 


We began with the premise of abundance as the foundation for the intense spiritual work that follows, including a day of fasting. 

The soothing melody (created by Rabbi Shefa Gold) was a curious choice to begin the evening prayer service, particularly given the demanding liturgical language.

I am noticing how it feels to be physically empty (from fasting) and spiritually overflowing.

Perhaps there is a greater willingness to surrender and let go if I trust in kosi r'vaya. 

Cause' everything everything ends at the start 

healing and feeling all of my scars 

say goodbye say goodbye to the way i was before 

say hello say hello to a new way 

i was lost but i found what i was looking for 

wakin' up wakin' up to a new day 

–Tamar Kaprelian, from "New Day"