Not my Timeline, but Right on Time

Day 10 Elul

Just as I am wrestling with questions about time, and observing my multi-layered relationship to time during Elul, I have one of those startling wake-up moments. Literally. 

4 AM–wide awake, words, thoughts, feelings and ideas pushing through the dirt like seedlings. I resisted at first…too early…should I wake up to scribble notes on the bedside notepad…

Once it became clear that I was not going to be able to get back to sleep, I made my way to the honey-colored cushy chair in my study and surrendered to the laptop. In that foggy, right-brain time of day, not completely awake but not really asleep, questions and images were flowing easily and freely. Places I had been stuck were opening up effortlessly.

Is there a special blessing for the gift of surrender?

What seedlings might be waiting to push through in your own creativity? Where might you water the soil to allow the dirt to yield new growth?