The Art of Lollygagging

LOLLYGAGGING: I love that word–I love saying it, the way my tongue flickers on the LOLLY and emphatically barks out the GAG. 

Humans can learn a great deal from the animal world about the art of lollygagging. Today I ran into an adorable 3-month old collie pup this morning while out on my morning walk and was instantly smitten. Puppies are masters of lollygagging, and they do it with unrestrained joy. This little cutie pie was no exception. She sniffed and slurped and rolled around, taking her time to savor it all. 

My punctual, productive self is learning how to be more at ease with lollygagging as a mindfulness practice. (some of you probably let out a groan or an eye-roll with that one). Lollygagging is often defined as dawdling or wasting time, but I like to think of it as chilling out, taking intentional down time, slowing down in this insanely fast-paced world. Yes, it does have a bit of a dawdling quality to it, but lingering a little bit longer sometimes brings great delight and discovery.

How do you find the balance between being productive and savoring the moment?