Reciprocity Doesn’t Always Mean 50/50

Lately I have been thinking a lot about reciprocity.


Reciprocity describes mutuality of relationship, a quality of caring as well as the flow of give and take between all parties involved. Reciprocity doesn't always mean an equal, measurable, 50/50 ratio. 

Reciprocity is about feeling, connection and trust, and exists in relationships of all kinds, sometimes even between strangers. 

Love, Transcendent

When I wasn't looking
or being cautious
I slipped out of place
beyond time
and assigned role
if but for a moment
souls soaring together
buoyed by faith
 this defiant connection
scoops me out of my seat
calls me by name
lifts us both up
demanding nothing less than

Genuine reciprocity requires me to be fully present to the other; this is not always easy. Sometimes the connection is profoundly disconcerting because it conflicts with the way most of us are socialized to relate to one another: cautious, guarded, valuing self-reliance over mutuality. Reciprocity might leave me feeling vulnerable, exposed or uneasy; maybe even afraid.

The risk of vulnerability seems well worth the grace of reciprocity. 


Photo courtesy of JLR