More about Waiting

After posting yesterday's brief quote from Henri Nouwen, I spent some time thinking about his dry desert. Then it occurred to me; there is much more to say about waiting:

  • Floating between rapids on the river raft, listening to the trees
  • The instrumental bridge after the chorus and before the next verse 
  • The last five minutes before cookies come out of the oven
  • Buzz of the orchestra getting warmed up before the concert
  • Standing on the edge of the high dive
  • Contemplating a first kiss
  • Sweet anticipation of the imminent arrival of a loved one
  • Pregnancy
  • Thunder in between lightning in summer
  • Fog beginning to burn off
  • First revving of the engine on a motorcycle or old VW bug
  • Scent and clatter of a breakfast tray just before it's served to you
  • Actually listening to the opening act before the headliner 
  • Drawing a bath at the end of a long day

Can you think of others?