The Path is Well Illuminated

Hannukah, Day 3

I was out walking early this morning; the sky was dark but clear, and the rain had temporarily subsided in between winter storms.  The air was cool and crisp against my cheeks. 

Because it's the holiday season, some houses still had their Christmas lights on before the sun came up.


I really like this photo with the illuminated path to the front door. It's a great reminder to me about finding my way in the dark. Sometimes the path is right in front of us, well lit and magical, leading us to exactly where we will feel at home.

When we
look into the heart,

May our eyes have the kindness

And reverence of candlelight.

That the
searching of our minds

Be equal to the oblique

Crevices and corners where

The mystery continues to dwell,

Glimmering in fugitive light.

–excerpt from On Light, by John O'Donohue