The Simplicity of Things

I heard the playful barking sounds of sea lions this morning at the beach. I made my way over to the shore, and watched their slick black heads popping up and down at the surface of water. I imagined them playing, wondered what made them choose this beach, this morning, this day. The sight and sound of them made me smile and feel curious.

Then minutes later, after I'd left the beach and started heading up the steep hill, I saw a single noble hawk soaring overhead. I stopped to look in wonder, thought about taking a photo with my phone but didn't.

And then, heading home, a deer grazing, juxtaposed next to a public trash can. 

Today I marveled at the simplicity of these creatures, and admired their seemingly uncomplicated lives. 

Of course they are also navigating the challenge of cohabiting with humans, which is daunting even for other humans at times. 

I'll enjoy the comfort of my simple story for now. Tomorrow may be a completely different adventure.