Ahh Babies

Let me set the scene:  wads of tissues, mugs of tepid tea, a pot of soup on the stove, a stack of trashy magazines on the floor beside me. Yep, I've got the first cold of the season.

Being sick usually brings up a plethora of issues for almost everyone, themes of comfort, dependency or susceptibility, especially when you're so sick that you don't even feel like yourself and you just want "ahh-babies." (which means you just want someone to soothe and comfort you, to express kindness and compassion for your misery)

Bikkur cholim, or visiting the sick, is considered a holy act in Jewish tradition, as well as a sacred obligation. Moreover, the alleviation of suffering is to be provided in a way that honors the dignity of the person who is sick, never to humiliate or embarrass anyone. 

What do you need when you don't feel well?  How do you like to be comforted? Do you like company or do you prefer to be alone?