What is Real?

In today's New York Times, Bruce Feiler writes about the moment his daughter asked him whether God would actually hear her prayers. 


Arguments, wars and debates have been waged on this very topic–the mere existence and nature of a Divine Presence. Some people are unwaveringly faithful believers, while others are satisfied rationalists.

What I'm curious about is how we trust the feeling of something even if we have no scientific proof that it "really exists." 

Love, for instance. When you love someone or something, you feel it in your body, your thoughts, your whole being. It could be a family member, dog, friend, lover, neighbor, teacher, or perhaps a favorite piece of music, a location in nature like the beach or the Redwoods. Some of my spiritual friends describe a palpable experience of God's love, and many different religious traditions affirm that feeling in their theology and liturgy. 

Just because we have no "proof" doesn't mean it's not real. 


What do you feel or believe even if you have no scientific evidence to prove it?

What is the risk in loving someone or something?

And who's listening?