What is your Testimony?

Sometimes life feels like we are being tested in some existential or spiritual way, whether a test of faith, trust, strength or skill. When I heard Steve Harvey, one of my favorite comedians, say "You can't have a testimony without a test," I almost jumped up and started clapping. 


At times the journey can feel arduous and lonely, and other times our path is like a red carpet being rolled out in front of you. Given the choice, I'd rather walk with my head high and shoulders back instead of crawling on broken glass. 

I'm not talking about walking with arrogance; rather, I'm referring to standing in the fullness of who we are, with a healthy balance of humility and pride. The photo below is of a tree I saw yesterday growing parallel to the ground. 


I saw the twisted trunk first, then the leaves and branches. I don't know what kind of tree this is, or why it grew like this, but I'm sure there's a testimony there. 

What is the testimony of your journey?