What Time Is It In Your Life?

Make time

pass the time

time flies

 time management

dream time

work time

tea time

nap time

on time

no time like the present

Why am I writing about time for Elul? My own relationship to time is complex, multilayered, definitely not neutral.

I used to be extremely disciplined, even regimented with my time management. I have learned to loosen my white-knuckled grip on the clock, to be more present and mindful of each moment. 

I hold memories of past times with a gentle open palm, rather than tight-fisted, and I aspire to face the future with wonder and curiosity. I think this is what Parker Palmer refers to as a tragic gap. The middle ground between what was and what is yet to be, or between how things are and what we dream is possible, both of these paradoxes invite us to practice a posture of surrendering to the present moment with as much love and compassion as possible.

What time is it in your life? What could you make time for?