What’s Up with the Seeds?

I have been looking back at some of my previous postings, and at the recurrent themes and images that keep coming up. One of those images is of seeds.

A few weeks back I talked about sowing seeds of love, and more recently, about new life bursting through a seedpod. I can actually remember being in elementary school when we sprouted lima beans or some other kind of bean, and I thought it was the coolest thing ever! How could a plant come out of a seed like that? I even remember learning the word cotyledon, and this memory is almost forty years ago.

So being a word lover, I looked up the definition, just like I have on previous postings, and here's what I found:

  1. Botany. A leaf of the embryo of a seed plant, which upon germination either remains in the seed or emerges, enlarges, and becomes green. Also called seed leaf.
  2. Anatomy. One of the lobules constituting the uterine side of the mammalian placenta, consisting mainly of a rounded mass of villi.       (From answers.com )

I am absolutely delighted by the fact that the cotyledon is in plants and in humans! And the fact that the word EMERGE is part of the definition makes my spiritual appetite feel incredibly satisfied. 

Or zarua la'tzadik u'l'yishrei lev simcha
Seeds of light are sown for the righteous/the just
and make my heart joyful

This is one of my favorite lines of liturgy, and I like to sing it so that joy, light and righteousness are pouring out of me. What does this mean, seeds of light? And how and why does this seeding fill my heart with joy? 

If I were a gardener, maybe I would understand this more literally. Instead, here's what I'm curious about:

What seeds of light are filling your heart with joy right now? How might you nourish those seeds, with watering, music, love and light?