Music for Revelation

Shavuot morning

This morning I stumbled upon some great new music, completely by surprise. I was reading the morning paper and saw a notice about some live music tonight by Queen Makedah and the Sheba Warriors. I was intrigued by the name and looked her up on line. Turns out her latest CD is called Spiritual Healing, and draws on the Psalms and other sacred texts in a head-boppin', shoulder-dippin', hip-swayin' reggae beat. 

Just imagine my delight.

Intrigued, I then started wondering about her name. Apparently she was the Queen of Sheba, named Makedah by the Ethiopians, and was a righteous queen in her own right during the time of King Solomon. (NOTE: She was his peer, not his girlfriend.) 

So now I'm wondering if I can get a nap in later today so I can head over to Yoshi's tonight to catch Queen Makedah's late night lounge show. 

Revelation can be full of surprises.