Karen Erlichman, DMin, LCSW

Photo: Karen Erlichman in a vibrant blue  smock, smiling as she decorates a shell.

In today’s high-speed world, it’s hard to find balance. 

Your needs are too easily pushed aside, leaving you overwhelmed, depleted and struggling to catch your breath.

Your time, energy and resources are constantly in overdrive.

When you feel your own light dimming, how do you recharge?

This is your time.

You deserve guidance too.

Photo: Karen Erlichman is sitting cross-legged and barefoot on her office couch, beneath vibrant artwork, listening attentively to her clients

I facilitate workshops, retreats and presentations deeply rooted in appreciating differences, humor and courage. As a therapist, spiritual director and mentor with more than 30 years of experience in counseling and academia, I take a somatic, spiritual and psycho-emotional approach to my work.

My clients often already hold the answers they seek in their lives. I facilitate, witness and respectfully challenge that process of discovery with compassion and curiosity.

What’s New?

I’ve been writing songs and stories my whole life.As a schoolgirl waiting for the school
Recently I had the honor of being invited by my alma mater to be a
Today my digital music provider introduced me to a new song called "People Pleaser" by
Recently a colleague sent me a text message about a presentation she is offering later

There is no one right way to be spiritual.
Let’s cultivate your inner compass.

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