Working Together

Photo: Karen Erlichman in studio

My practice is grounded in knowing the complexity of being human. My intention is to support you fully in getting from where you are to where you want to be. As a therapist, spiritual director and mentor, I am by your side with compassion, curiosity and an invitation to dig deep together. 

What to expect from our sessions:

Our work together is a collaborative process that involves real conversation. We will respond to the tough questions and challenges utilizing concrete somatic, cultural, spiritual and psycho-emotional tools and resources you can use in daily life. I’m here to witness and curate your evolving process, and to help you clear out whatever blocks you from the clarity and wisdom you already hold.

You are the expert of your own multi-layered, unique life. Your answers and unclaimed gifts are waiting in the shadows. Are you ready to uncover them? Let’s explore this mystery together.

Where we meet:

My office is a peaceful refuge, and my work with people and organizations also takes place in a broad variety of real-world settings: from serene nature settings to vibrant workspaces.

“…Brave, compassionate and fearless, Karen creates a space in her life and her work where people are fully seen, felt, and understood. With a vast array of resources, Karen creates an invitational yet energetic space that fosters growth, compassion, and love.”

—Valerie Brown, JD, MA, PCC
Chief Mindfulness Officer & Professional Pilgrim
Lead Smart Coaching, LLC

“Karen is the real deal. A lifelong spiritual quester, visioner and transformer, Karen’s work in psychotherapy, spiritual direction and embodied knowing, brings together a kind of loving, supportive honesty and realness that groups and individuals find unforgettable. She is extraordinary.”

Kirsten Olson, EdD, PCC
Georgetown Institute for Transformational Leadership
Founder of the Next Chapter Institute

“Karen has worn many hats within The Dinner Party: she trained our early hosts, and laid the groundwork for how we do what we do, As a long-time advisor, she’s counseled multiple members of our staff, serving as a sounding board and mentor and occasional diplomat, helping to see our team through our most challenging moments and reminding us to pause to celebrate our best with an equal capacity to hold both joy and heartbreak.”

—Lennon Flowers, Executive Director, The Dinner Party