About Karen

Photo of Karen ErlichmanFor over twenty years I have been offering psychotherapy, So(U)L coaching and spiritual direction, supervision and mentoring to individuals, couples, groups and organizations.  More recently I’ve also had the pleasure of serving as an in-house mentor and consultant to The Dinner Party.

I’ve served on the faculty in a variety of educational institutions, most recently as a Professor of Jewish Spirituality at the Graduate Theological Foundation. My previous teaching positions have included Sofia University (formerly the Institute for Transpersonal Psychology), Starr King School for the Ministry, the Interfaith Spiritual Direction Training Program at the Chaplaincy Institute in Berkeley. the University of California-San Francisco in the Department of OB/GYN and Reproductive Sciences, San Francisco State University’s Department of Social Work, and the Morei Derekh Jewish spiritual direction training program.

It takes courage for someone to allow their vulnerability to be witnessed.  That is where we find our strength, and in those moments there is a felt sense of hope, grace and transformation.  

I have been enormously impacted by the work and mentorship of Quaker educator and activist Parker J. Palmer, and subsequently trained as a Courage and Renewal® facilitator with the Center for Courage and Renewal.

Writing has also been a lifelong passion of mine since childhood. My writing has appeared in a number of anthologies and professional journals, including Women and Therapy and the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs. For the past 15 years I have written regularly for Presence: the Journal of Spiritual Directors International.

I received my Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Social Work from Antioch College in Yellow Springs, OH, and my Master of Social Services degree from Bryn Mawr College’s Graduate School of Social Work and Social research. Bringing the spiritual dimension to my work eventually led me to study and receive a Doctor of Ministry degree in 2015 from the Graduate Theological Foundation, where my doctoral project received the Mother Teresa Award for Spirituality and Community Service.

 photo by Sarah Deragon