Out of Order

This morning I ordered a coffee treat in a very crowded cafe. I was startled when my drink was ready so quickly, especially when the cheerful barista barked,

"Karen, out of order!"

My sense of fairness was ruffled, while at the same time I was silently gleeful. As I sipped my foamy drink, I started thinking about the meaning of the phrase "Out of Order."  

For instance, last week my toddler niece had a classic full volume meltdown when her favorite gumball machine had a scrawled sign on it that said (yup): Out of Order.

Not only does "Out of Order" describe something being out of synch, but it also refers to something not working properly.

I realized that there is satisfaction all the way around. While there is comfort and stability in the reliability of order, it can also be quite satisfying to occasionally relish those moments of dancing to your own rhythm!

Have a latte while you're having a psychic reading! LOL