Sacramental Food, Part 2

An acupuncturist I know refers to dark chocolate as sacred medicine. (so it must be true)

Sacred medicine sounds a LOT like "sacramental." Until a few years ago, I was not familiar with the concept of sacrament. The dictionary defines it as "a ritual believed to be a means of or visible form of grace."

Here is a picture of my latest sacramental creation:


This heart-shaped baking pan was a gift from a friend; I had to put parchment paper inside for this particular recipe (flourless chocolate torte), so as you can see the edges are uneven, and look almost torn. 

You know where I'm going with this…

This sacramental chocolate heart is a lot like our own human hearts, torn and uneven around the edges, but still intact, delicious and a source of sacred medicine. 

To give you my heart is a joyous dance of prayer.

–excerpt from the poem "Faith"