The Sweet Spot

My colleague and friend Rev. Roland Stringfellow used the term "finding your sweet spot," referring to the experience of finding your rhythm, your stride, being "in the zone." The sound of the bat meeting the baseball, or the tennis racket and the tennis ball, in exactly the right spot, with the optimal timing, making that lovely thwacking sound. 

I found my sweet spot this weekend with my students in the Spiritual Guidance program at ITP. Listening to their stories of formation, inquiry and self discovery, and observing their courageous first steps in roleplays, was indeed sweet, and a humble reminder of the authenticity, generosity and steadiness needed to mentor others. It was a joy to witness their first wobbly steps as rookie spiritual directors, and a reminder that I too am still learning. I kvelled with delight.

I remember those early years of my own training, earnestly finding my footing on the solid ground of my own truth while trying out these new skills and insights. I am grateful for the ongoing experience of beginner's mind, of humility and grace.