What’s Your Body’s Favorite Time of Day?

Early Sunday morning is perhaps my favorite time of day. Even as a young child I used to love waking up early and going down to the basement to sit in the old sofa and look out the big window at the sky before the world woke up. Today it’s the New York Times, listening to Alex deGrassi and savoring a cup of morning coffee. It’s like a little extra dose of Shabbat before Monday arrives.

I have great awe and respect for night owls. They find their sweet spot on the other side of the day and it’s a wonder to witness.

Lately I’ve been thinking about the way society forces people to live out of synch with our natural way of being in our bodies: Not that long ago, left-handed people were viewed as suspicious or sinister, and were forced to write with their right hands. Even working a 9-to-5 job when your true body clock would function more effectively (and happily) with the swingshift or graveyard schedule. And why do we call it graveyard anyway?

There are many other ways in which society forces our bodies into cookie-cutter molds of time, gender, physical ability, age, size, hair texture, appearance, and more.

Honoring your body’s natural rhythm is a gift. There’s nothing like the feeling of being in your zone.

Definition of honor: verb (used with object)

  • to hold in honor or high respect; revere: to honor one’s parents.
  • to treat with honesty, fairness, integrity, glory, esteem.
  • to confer honor or distinction upon: The university honored her with its leadership award.
  • to worship (the Supreme Being).
  • to show a courteous regard for: to honor an invitation.


It would be a radical thing to honor the invitation to treat our bodies with respect, glory, and might I add….LOVE.

What’s one thing you can do today to honor your body’s natural rhythm?

Morning light at Barbara's