Who’s Your Favorite Superhero?


When I saw this window display this morning, it got me thinking about who my favorite superhero might be. 

The choices were somewhat limited when I was a kid:  I always loved Batman and Robin, and was particularly tickled when Saturday Night Live spoofed the glaringly obvious gay subtext.  Wonder Woman seems like such an obvious choice that I'm almost embarrassed to admit it. And there are some new contemporary superheros and obscure characters from the world of comic books that are completely unfamiliar to me.

I then stumbled upon a website with a quick and dirty personality quiz entitled Which Superhero Are You?  Two minutes later and it's official; I really AM Wonder Woman. It must be that Lasso of Truth that cinched it for me. Go ahead, check out the website–it's hilarious. 

If you could make up a new superhero for yourself, with all the secret powers you desire, who would your superhero be?

I am SO ready for those indestructible magic bracelets!