Reach out and Catch the Rose Petals

When a friend shared this biblical reference today, I began thinking about what is known and what is not known, what is hidden and what is revealed, those secrets we hold so closely that we end up holding our breath in hopes that we will be rendered invisible along with our secrets.


Ata hor’eita lada’at ki haShem hu ha’Elohim,

ein od mil’vado.


You have been clearly shown, so that you may know at the deepest level of knowing, that Adonai is the All That Is; there is none but Adonai. (Deuteronomy 4:35)



Since this season of Elul is all about reviewing, revealing and releasing that which obscures or impedes the divine spark of who we are, I began wondering about the Unnameable Wellspring of Love that can transform the most painful, prickly, toxic secrets into rose petals. (even roses have thorns)


I am reminded of this bridge lyric from an old Phoebe Snow song:


You feel exposed

When someone knows

A secret that you'd rather not disclose

You move in close

Then you run away

Does it hurt that much to say

What you really need to say?


— bridge lyric from "Touch Your Soul" by Phoebe Snow


What does this have to do with this year's Elul theme of TIME? It doesn't really work to wait until some arbitrary time that may never come when we think we are ready to reveal those secrets; now is the time. We need safe people and safe surroundings in which we can be ourselves and trust that forgiveness is possible. Healing compassion is not only possible, but completely available when we need it. Ein od mil'vado. May it be so.