Bringing It All Together: Spiritual Direction, Feminism and Radical Healing

On Wednesday, March 31, 2021, I will be leading an online learning session for Spiritual Directors International’s online course about Feminist Perspectives on Spiritual Direction and Companionship. I’m honored to have been invited among an amazing lineup of women who’ve been leading weekly classes for this course since late January, covering an impressive slate of topics.

My session is called “Created in the Divine Image: Spiritual Direction, Feminism and Radical Healing for this Moment.” Big topics, I know. And this has been a wonderful opportunity for self inquiry in preparation for the class. In the class I will be weaving together my passion for wellness, wholeness and spirituality with a lifelong commitment to social justice and activism.

  • What is radical healing?
  • What is feminism? Or more accurately, what are the different kinds of feminisms?
  • And how is spiritual direction uniquely well suited for the path to wholeness and healing?

There’s still time to register here, and recordings of all the sessions are available for those who sign up.