Self-Promotion: It’s Complicated, or Is It?

The phrase “self-promotion” often evokes a strong flinch response from people who associate it with pushy sales pitches from people who have no boundaries and don’t know when to shut up. This all-too-common experience exists within a particular cultural context of power, access and identity.

As Courtney E. Martin wrote recently in a blogpost for On Being:

Striking an authentic tone of sharing, rather than bragging, obviously makes a huge difference.

I am truly honored to have a brief mention in this blogpost. Particularly for entrepreneurs and self-employed people, how do you speak proudly yet humbly about what you do and who you are with no braggies? And what do we call it if we let go of words like bragging, self-promotion, and elevator pitches?

Self-promotion is something I discuss frequently with my supervisees and students. Think about your product, talents, or whatever you are offering as a gift you give to someone else, rather than something you foist upon them or try to persuade them to buy.

How do you want to give your gift?

What is the story you are holding about it, and how do you want that story to be heard?