Finding Equanimity

photo by JLR

Anyone who lives with chronic pain or a chronic medical condition has likely experienced the frustration of our current health care system, as well as insensitivity or judgment from other people. Too often friends and loved ones disappear from the life of a chronically ill person.

My own life experience confirms this as well, along with countless clients, friends and family members who have navigated the waters of chronic illness. It can be very comforting to find some spiritual sustenance to cope with these (and other) challenges, and to find equanimity.

A colleague recently told me about a series of inspiring books by Toni Bernhard written from the Buddhist perspective about living with chronic pain, illness, and the everyday joys and sorrows of life. Her own experience with chronic illness inspired her to write these volumes, which have been endorsed by an impressive group of expert teachers, healers and publishers.

Spiritual resources can be a comforting balm to ease the suffering that can be relentless for those with chronic illness and pain. Gratitude to Toni Bernhard for telling her story and sharing these resources with the world.