Are you burned out at work?

Burnout prevention

Are you feeling worn out, uninspired, cynical. ineffective or out of balance at work? Even high achieving, successful executives and leaders feel burned out at times.

Often people assume that burnout at work is simply a function of time – either working too much or staying at a job for too long. Actually, social psychologist Christina Maslach has demonstrated in her research that burnout is primarily a prolonged response to chronic emotional and interpersonal stressors.

Burnout is typically experienced in six dimensions:

  • Workload (too much work, not enough resources)
  • Control (micromanagement, lack of influence, accountability without power)
  • Reward (not enough pay, acknowledgment, or satisfaction)
  • Community (isolation, conflict, disrespect)
  • Fairness (discrimination, favoritism)
  • Values (ethical conflicts, meaningless tasks)

Burnout is not a weakness or failure; rather it is an overwhelmed response to an untenable work situation.

What is the best solution in order to prevent or resolve burnout? There are actually lots of resources and options:

  • Talk to someone (a friend, coach, or trusted mentor)
  • Take breaks from your workload and digital devices
  • Plan a getaway (a vacation or even a weekend away from home)
  • More fun please (play cards, take a Zumba class, play with the kids)
  • Breathe (meditation, yoga, cardio exercise, dance around the room)

For example, I always make sure to walk around the block at least once during every work day, just to get some fresh air and a change of scenery.

What’s one thing you can do tomorrow to recharge your energy and replenish yourself? Who can support you in taking this step?